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My favorite way to pack for a road trip with family

I love road trips with the family.  I love to get in the car and drive to a new place every day or two.  […]

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Friday Inspiration – Of All The Books

Who doesn’t look at their passport from time to time and think, “Now that was a good trip!”

I love looking through mine as it reminds […]

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Friday Inspiration – Make Memories

How many times do you buy something and think it will make you happier?  Ok, probably a lot of time.  But when was the last […]

  • RTWFamilyTravel.com - Which is Cheaper Costa Rica or Disney World

Costa Rica or Disney World? Guess which is cheaper.

As Cindy and I drove back from a very entertaining 5-day vacation at Disney World (3 actual days at the park over Thanksgiving weekend – […]

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