Who doesn’t look at their passport from time to time and think, “Now that was a good trip!”

I love looking through mine as it reminds me of days past, having fun and making memories. I’m really glad the State Department sends the old passports back so that I can continue to do this with all the passports that I’ve accumulated over time.

Of course, it’s the new passport that offers the future.  And now that I think about it, where is it and where the heck am I going next? Time to write another chapter in the book of life.

Want more inspirational quotes?

“Be Quiet & Eat Your CHICKEN FEET!” is a compilation of short stories describing the adventure of a lifetime for the Jepson family, as told by the Dad – who, incidentally, came up with the whole scheme to begin with. Dive into his funny interpretation of the World as they experienced it while traveling. Get the giggles as you read this story of family dynamics and ultimately, human survival.