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Who are the Jepsons?

Crazy. Genius. Radical. Risk Taker.

These are all words I have heard others use to describe me when they hear our story. Well, I don’t know how to describe me, but our story? That I can label. The best words are “Life Changing.”  We have traveled like everyone else.  A week here, maybe two weeks there.  Fast and short.  It wasn’t until I quit my job so that our family of five could travel the World for a year that I truly understood what the possibilities are. We are a simple family with big ideas.

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My favorite way to pack for a road trip with family

I love road trips with the family.  I love to get in the car and drive to a new place every day or two.  It is great.  What I don’t like is the luggage!  […]

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My Book

“Be Quiet and Eat Your Chicken Feet” is a compilation of random, funny stories, explained through the eyes of a semi-lunatic father. From the USA to China and everywhere in-between, you get to journey with a family of five and get insight into how many silly situations they get themselves into. Current reviews include:

  • “I thought the whole thing was hilarious!” R. K. Jepson

  • “This is his side of the story, what he left out was the mom, me, making sure we didn’t die.” C. Jepson

  • “Where are the parts of us complaining about all the walking?” Jepson Girls.

As you see, it’s a hit with the crowd.  Click the link and get your copy today.

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